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Desecrated (autographed)

Autographed Books

Here you can find a collection of Louis Puster III's work in paperback. All products will be autographed for you by the author.

Desecrated (autographed)


Desecrated (autographed)


Who the uzk are you?

Wrack, a Tainted creature caught between life and death, still has no answers. As he travels to Flay with his companions, Brin and Avar, more of Wrack’s memories return, and with them, more questions. Who are these Doomed who cursed the world and how is Wrack connected to them?

Perhaps the answers lie in the hidden respite of Sanctuary. Among the Shadow Hunters, devotees of the Silver Lady, Wrack finds uneasy acceptance. Acceptance turns to mistrust as he uncovers the dark secret buried beneath Sanctuary, one that threatens the safety of those Wrack holds most dear. In the face of new enemies, when even Wrack’s closest friends begin to question his motives, Wrack must delve deeper into the mystery of his own past. As his history comes to light, Wrack wonders whether he can even trust himself.

This book will be autographed by the author. If you would like him to dedicate the signature to someone, please tell us the name of the person when you check out.

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