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Author of the Saga of Ukumog discusses the challenges of being an author, the tools and processes he uses while writing, and sometimes posts something completely unrelated. This blog is the author exposed.


Louis Puster

Book 2 has been out now for about 2 weeks.  During the  5 days that it was available for free on the kindle there were close to 500 downloads from various Amazon online stores.  The most were downloaded in the US, second was the UK store, then the German store, and even the French store had a download of the book.  

I don't write books to make money.  The words I tap out on my keyboard are simply because I couldn't stop the story of Wrack and his friends from coursing through my thoughts unless I wrote it down.  It is amazing that I live in a time where my simple words can end up being read by people I will likely never meet.  Thinking about that is a little humbling.


Sure, they probably only downloaded it because it was a free book, and they may never read it all the way through.  Hell, they may even hate the story.  But at least it reached them.


When I first wrote Wracked, I didn't have an editor.  I had to rely on friends to help me with the proof reading, and I sent my manuscript out to agents hoping that I might find someone who liked the strange story.  Everyone that I got a response from said the same thing, "We like the story, but we are uncertain how to market it."  That is a fair answer.  Even I am not sure how to market it.


The first book is kinda "emo".  Wrack is lost in this terrible world.  He feels helpless and alone, because there is no one like him, and he does not know if he is a monster or a man.  The second book things start to change for him and his companions.  We begin to see the depth of the conflict in the world and Wrack has to take some of that head on.  The third book will continue this trend, making the story more "epic" with every installment.  This was the plan from the beginning.  I didn't want to write 3 massive books to make a trilogy.  I wanted to write shorter novels (and some short stories that are on their way) so that you can enjoy the story in almost episodic chunks.  Assuming I live long enough to write the whole story - there will be many more books than just 3.


I am proud of the work I have done so far.  They aren't perfect books, but they are mine.  I share them because I want them to be enjoyed.  It is my sincerest hope that you find some joy in the story of Ukumog.  If you do, tell a friend - post a review.  Even if you don't enjoy it - post a review.  Sharing your like or dislike of the story is the biggest compliment you can give me.


Take care and thanks for reading.