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Author of the Saga of Ukumog discusses the challenges of being an author, the tools and processes he uses while writing, and sometimes posts something completely unrelated. This blog is the author exposed.

Getting back in the swing

Louis Puster

Some of you may have seen my twitter post from April 1st.  That wasn't a joke, I have not really been writing lately.  I am sure those of you who are writers know the pain of reconciling your time between your life and your writing.  It can be hard.  Very hard.

The past few months or so have been challenging time wise.  It seemed that when I had the energy to write, there was something that was always more pressing.  My hope is that my writing can start winning more of the battles.

To this end, I wrote a little this weekend.  It wasn't on book 3 as I had originally intended, but instead it was more on the story of Moriv that I posted to the blog last year.  Chapter 2 of that story is coming along swimmingly.  It is my intent to post it here when it is done, and even to post the entire story on the site when it is finished and edited.  But there will also be a digital version for you kindle fans.  I might even make a very small paperback version, but I am not sure  that I would be happy with the price point there.  As the story of the world continues to grow, there will be more of these little vignettes, so perhaps I will wait and make a companion book for the main series when more of them have been completed.  However, that will be some time from now.  After all, I wouldn't want to give anything away...

Thanks for reading.