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AndoCon & LibertyCon


Author of the Saga of Ukumog discusses the challenges of being an author, the tools and processes he uses while writing, and sometimes posts something completely unrelated. This blog is the author exposed.

AndoCon & LibertyCon

Louis Puster

Hi everyone!

Things were a bit crazy in the month of June.  I had two, count them - TWO, different conventions that I attended during the month.  The first was AndoCon, a board game convention in Atlanta, and the second was LiberyCon, a sci-fi and fantasy literary con in Chattanooga TN.


I went into this con with no expectations. Not only was this a board game con, a little different from the genre or fandom cons that I have been to in the past, but it was also the first time they had put together a dealers hall AND it was father's day weekend.

The dealers room was fairly small, but it was a fun group of people.  I spent much of the downtime in the room yelling across the room at my old friend Richard who was manning the Terminus table.  I did get to meet some really great people, however.  The smaller amount of attendees did give me more time to talk with the people that were at the con, and those of you who have talked to me at conventions know that I love to hear about what other people are working on and I don't hesitate to give advice to any other authors.

During the show, I even got pulled away from my table twice.  Once to be on the Nerd Burger Show podcast as a random guest.  Head over to their site and check out podcast #65, I am the very last guest during the show.  Then the folks over at Florida Whammy Entertainment had me sit in as a celebrity guest on their recreations of The Match Game and Hollywood Squares.  I am not sure what was more entertaining though, participating in their show, or listening to their slightly inebriated staff yell at each other over ridiculous things.  It was all in good fun, however.

Great con!  If you love board games, and are within driving distance of Atlanta - I would definitely check out their show next year.


This show was a bit new for me.  Instead of having a table in the dealer's hall, I was simply a guest of the show. Only there for saturday, I had a fairly busy schedule with autograph signings, a panel called 'What's new in horror and dark fantasy?', and a reading.  The reading in particular I was nervous about, because I hadn't ever done one before, and my meager attempts at making a audio book for Wracked stalled out due to the sheer number of edits that were piling up.  I still have that on my to do list though.

When I looked at the program on the friday of the con and saw that Timothy Zahn was going to be there, my little nerdy heart nearly exploded.  I loved the work he did on the Star Wars book series he wrote for Lucas decades ago. (Yes, I am one of the nerds that is mad at Disney for ignoring all the brilliant storytelling that has happened over the years in that universe.)

It just so happened that I was free during the time slot where Mr Zahn was reading, and I stopped by to hear him. (Mr Zahn, if you are reading this, thanks ever so much for stumbling a few times - it gave me the permission to not be perfect when I read my own work.)  It was great.  The story he read was fascinating, and the experience actually had me chomping at the bit to read my story in that very same room several hours later.

While I was waiting, I met some great authors and talked a lot about writing. Louise Herring-Jones, A.G. Carpenter, Larry Atchley Jr., and Eric S. Brown just to name a few.

Then my reading time came, and I was sharing the hour with K.S. Daniels.  She already seemed to have a following, as when I was getting ready and she had not yet arrived - I actually asked how many people were there to see her and everyone raised their hands.

The reading must have gone well though, for several of the people who came to see Ms Daniels spent time talking with me about my series and my writing after the reading. I was super excited after the reading and was a little sad to see the time over so quickly.  Overall, I had a blast at LibertyCon, and it is the kind of convention that I might come back out for, even if I don't have a table or a new book out.

Overall - I need to do more shows!  If you have a suggestion for a con I should attend, send me an email through my site or leave a comment here.  I look forward to hearing your ideas.