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Author of the Saga of Ukumog discusses the challenges of being an author, the tools and processes he uses while writing, and sometimes posts something completely unrelated. This blog is the author exposed.

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First Proofread

Louis Puster

So far I have done my first real proofread through chapter 5 of book 2.  It is interesting how many little mistakes one can make as your fingers furiously try to pound out all the words that come flowing through your mind.  Telling a story is hard sometimes.  

When I am writing, one of the things that I worry about is the pacing of a scene.  I very much want the story of Wrack to feel like you are watching a movie and so the pace is very quick.  I certainly do not spend pages and pages of the reader's time describing things, because the timing doesn't feel right.  Also, writing from the character's perspective is sometimes tricky.  How many things go by in our lives that we misconstrue or completely glance over?  That somewhat imperfect narration is important for me to get correct.


I have seen other writers, big writers, say that you should keep your words away from other people until they are perfect.  I don't want perfect - I want perfectly flawed.  It is more important to me that the feeling, the message, of the work be delivered to the audience than that all of the facts are straight.  People sometimes miss the facts, and so too then does a character writing down the broken memories of a mysterious life.  I like Wrack's imperfection.  It makes him real for me.

Short Stories

Louis Puster

Today I am working on a short story that I might tell in two parts.  These particular stories fit between the cracks of Books 1 & 2 of the Saga of Ukumog, but involve a character that has not yet met the characters in the main thrust of the story.  While the main story is written from Wrack's perspective, these cannot be done in that style.  Going back and seeing the world through the eyes of the normal 3rd person perspective is interesting after having written about it exclusively from the eyes of a strange undead man.  Yet, this change of pace is a little refreshing.  

On another note, I am sad to announce that there is no way I will be chosen as the winner of Neil Gaiman's American God's contest on  After about the 4th day of the contest I slipped from the top 20 (which was the required bracket for the finals) and was never able to regain entry into that elite group.  I must confess, my primary purpose for entering in the first place was to meet Neil (who is my hero).  The future will undoubtedly hold more chances for that to happen, I am sure.  Congratulations to those people who made it to the finals.  I know that Neil and the nice people at HarperCollins will make the best choice for the new audio book.


PS. Some syndication of my RSS is causing links to act funny from my feed.  While I would love to embed them into this post for each of the things I am talking about, I will refrain until I can figure out why they are breaking elsewhere or I decide "Uzk it!" and just put them in anyway.