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Author of the Saga of Ukumog discusses the challenges of being an author, the tools and processes he uses while writing, and sometimes posts something completely unrelated. This blog is the author exposed.

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Wrack's birthday 2016

Louis Puster

January 14th 2010 is when the first edition of Wracked hit the Amazon Store. To celebrate, the kindle versions of both Wracked and Desecrated are on sale for 1.99 from now until 1/14/2016. Now there is no excuse not to pick them up and read them.

Yeah, yeah. They are dark, I get it. Darth Vader was dark. Conan was dark. Game of Thrones is UZKING dark.

Buy the books, read them, then tell me how awesome/terrible they are. I dare you.

Wrack's birthday

Louis Puster

In 2005 I started writing something. That something was a simple few pages for something else, but it left me with a question. A hole into a world that was not the original world that I was writing about. I blew off the curiosity that I had for that other place, those other characters. I tried to ignore it. That didn't go as I had planned.

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Happy birthday, Wrack.

Louis Puster

Four years ago today is when Wracked became available for sale in the US on the Amazon store.  It wasn't until some time later that the Kindle versions were availble.  I have learned so much from this journey, and I am ever so grateful to the fans of the story.  It is that energy that keeps me writing.

Happy Wracked day, everyone.

Busy weekend

Louis Puster

Hi everyone! 

This past weekend was a little busy.  I updated the layouts in both of my current books, published them to both the Kindle Store, and the regular publisher.  I also made the eBook available through Google's Play store (Wracked & Desecrated).

This weekend I also worked out the details to allow my attendance at ChattaCon 2014 in Chattanooga TN.  I will be spending most of my time behind a table in their dealer's room, so please stop by and say hello.

All in all, a good weekend (which reached into Monday). 



Louis Puster

When I wrote both Wracked and Desecrated, I was unemployed. I wasn't sitting around only writing, I was looking for work and trying to find a way to make rent.  A few times I was hosted by very generous friends who wanted to help get me on my feet, and I was grateful to them for that kindness.

For nearly two years now, I have had a fairly good job.  I can make my rent and then some.  It is actually how I was able to afford hiring an artist to do the symbols on the cover, and my editor.  But now I am too exhausted when I come home to explore the world of Wrack and his friends, and it worries me.

It worries me because I have so much more story to tell, but I feel like it is on the other side of this wall.  When people comment on my books, I have always said - "I know I will never make any money at this, I am just doing it because I want to".  The trouble is, I still want to, but this wall is in my way and I am not sure how to tear it down.

Look, I am not naive about this.  Most writers in the world don't make a living from writing books that they want to write.  Most authors write books that they know will sell.  Only the lucky few get to agonize over their dreams and get paid to do it.  So how do I tear down this wall?

Also, I know that there are only a handful of people reading my books, and even fewer following this blog.  Of course if I spent more time on the blog that might be different, but again - wall.

So what do we do?  Do we live as a starving artist, mostly living day-to-day on the kindness of others?  Or do we abandon the dark dream of Wrack, Brin, and Avar?  I don't really like either option.

Lately I have been asking people to review my books online.  To tell people about them, and some people have responded.  I am grateful to them for that too.  But still, I am crossed with this worry that the dream of Ukumog will fade, if I don't chase it.  I am left with trying to figure out how, and I worry that I won't find the way.

Frustrations and accomplishments

Louis Puster

Hi folks! It has been quite some time since I updated the blog here.  Those of you who follow me on other social media or twitter might have gotten an inking of what is happening with the books.  So let me put it all officially here.

Book 2 is complete, for the most part.  It is not yet available because I decided to do two things:

  1. Create a map for the world setting
  2. Have my new editor go over Wracked and re-release it along with Book 2

Item 2 also has had a great deal of progress.  It is merely waiting for me to do the final pass over the edits and then layout the book.

The first item is where my frustration lies.

Over the past few months, I have been working with both Illustrator and Photoshop to create a vast map of the entire world.  My goal was to use vector images to give me the freedom of putting pieces of the map in books instead of the whole thing.  The reason for this is simple:  Each book is part of the great puzzle of the story, and so too should the maps be.  In theory my goal was something very doable, reasonable even.  In practice I have learned a lot about the way these programs and image types work together.  Unfortunately this has led to hours upon hours of work that have turned out half useless.

So, now I am shaking off the disappointment of my failures and soon I will move forward with the maps to give the books, and their readers, the content they richly deserve.

I only ask that you bear with me as I try to bring more of the dark world that hums in my thoughts to life.

Revisions and short stories

Louis Puster

Right.  Since my last post about writing, I have finished my proof of Book 2 and sent it on to a few trusted folks for them to have a go at it.  Honestly, I find the whole revision process the most annoying and frustrating thing about writing.  I didn't realize this when I set out to write a book, but it is actually impossible for anyone to completely proof/edit their own stuff.  It simply cannot be done.  Well, I suppose if you had magical powers or indeed had made a deal with some greater power for the ability to write perfectly with a natural knowledge of how your intended audience would receive said perfect words, then you might be able to do it.  But without magic, it is kind of impossible.  

The problem is that you can't always know what combinations of words mixed with tens of thousands of other words will, with out any chance of failure, tell the story you want to tell.  There is also the comprehension factor, wherein your audience might not completely see all the implied or hidden things where the words don't say what you want to share.  I have found this particularly difficult in a first person story wherein the "author" doesn't exactly know what is going on, like say in Wracked.  Things left unsaid, or tiny problems of continuity that the main character misses don't always speak to the audience.  Sometimes people just get confused.  Whereas when I read it - I know exactly what Wrack is missing or trying to say.  So it isn't easy.


Ultimately, my big problem with revisions isn't the making changes part, or the add things to clarify part, or even the this is too much part.  My problem with revisions is the waiting.  I am an impatient person when it involves the things that I am working on.  I want to do them well from the get go and share them or even move onto the next project.  It's the doing that I enjoy, not the waiting.  Perhaps, I just need to learn to be more patient if I want things to be the best that they can be.


Ok, so...  Today my intention is to work more on the secret Short Stories that are a tiny thread in the Saga of Ukumog.  I want to finish these up and share them with everyone (again with the impatience).  When I left off, I was about a quarter of the way through the overall story.  My goal is to quickly finish the first half, because the story will be told in two parts, then perhaps work a little more on Book 3.  I just can't seem to stay away from Wrack, Brin, and Avar.


Between you and me, I am aching to work on Book 3.  Like you, I can't wait to see what happens next.