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About Louis

Louis Puster III is an American author who writes dark fantasy fiction. His current works include the Saga of Ukumog, a series about an undead man with no memory of his past who is stuck in a world that ancient evils have torn apart.

Louis Puster III has been making stuff up to entertain others since he was able to talk. His siblings were constantly entertained or tormented by the web of fanciful fiction that he was unable to stop coming out of his soul.

One day in 2006 a story hit young Louis like a bolt of invisible lightning. That story turned into a novel which became the first book in The Saga of Ukumog.

Wracked is that first novel. At its heart, The Saga of Ukumog is a dark tale about an undead man with a forgotten past, a woman seeking revenge, and a sword with a taste for the souls of dark things.

Currently, Louis resides in the Greater Atlanta Area where he rails against the nature of humanity one keystroke at a time.

Louis greatly enjoys hearing from his readers. You can click on the little mail icon in the upper left hand of the site to send Louis an email.

This site contains a blog where Louis posts information about his appearances, the craft of writing, and sometimes things about his personal life. You can also find pages dedicated to Louis' current works and information about upcoming projects.

Yes, we know he needs a better photo.

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